What will Steve do when Catherine wakes up & doesn’t even remember who he is? Enjoy this chapter!

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Chap 10:

Catherine was ready to be transferred to Hawaii. While the doctors were preparing for her transfer, Steve called Catherine’s parents, who settled down and lived in California, and brought them up to speed regarding what happened to Catherine. Even though Steve and Catherine were no longer together, Steve kept in touch with her parents, especially David Rollins – Catherine’s father. Steve had never wanted to be the one who informed Catherine’s parents about her being tortured or being injured. His heart broke hearing David cry over the phone. They would catch the earliest flight from California to Hawaii and hopefully they’d be there before Steve and Catherine touched down Oahu.

Catherine was still in a lot of pain most of the time. She didn’t have the energy to open her eyes, but she could feel everything happening around her. The doctors must have transferred her to somewhere else, she thought. There was a lot of movement, which made her feel nauseous and sick. Catherine took a guess, she probably was on a plane. Where was she going?

During the flight, Catherine got the feeling that someone was holding her wrist very tightly. She felt thankful because that someone didn’t hold her hands, as her fingers still hurt like hell. She tried to open her eyes a couple of times, it was very brief but enough for her to take a peek at the guy who was always at her side. He looked gorgeous. He must be very tired, too. Every time she opened her eyes that guy was sitting next to her with his own eyes closed.

He must be her doctor. It was very comforting for her to know that she being cared for by someone with such capable hands and dedication.

What are you trying to tell me, Doris? I’m tired of breaking his heart, he’s tired of being betrayed by me. This is real life. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. If that girl loves him more than I do and can give him what he deserves, why can’t you accept it? As long as he is happy, nothing else matters, right?”

Lynn, she seems like a nice girl. I hope that works out. You deserve to be happy.”

Billy… he is a good guy. He is crazy about you. I hope that works out. You deserve to be happy”.

There you go. So much for feeling a little bit better. There was this guy in her mind again. She couldn’t see his face clearly, but all the memories started coming back and attacking her again. She decided to shut it down. Getting rid of everything about this guy from her mind. It worked like a charm every single time. She finally could sleep peacefully.

Tripler Hospital, Hawaii.

Everything was ready for Catherine before she arrived. Her parents and Five-0 were already at the hospital waiting. Catherine’s mother cried the moment she saw her little girl, who looked so fragile, being wheeled into the room in that sterile-looking hospital bed. Catherine looked like she had taken quite a beating, it never gets easier to see.

All doctors confirmed her conditions looked pretty good, but she still didn’t wake up. Steve never left her side. He looked at her sleeping peacefully. If it hadn’t been for all the machines connected to her, Steve would think that maybe she was just asleep, not suffering from a trauma.

“Catherine, I’m sorry. We wasted so much time, I took you for granted, it was all my fault. I want to fix everything, Catherine. Don’t you dare give up right now! I will never, ever, forgive you if you don’t wake up, Catherine.”

On the third day, Catherine finally woke up. It seemed like a really long sleep for her, in fact, she couldn’t figure out how long it has been. She had only enough strength to open her eyes for a couple of seconds, but this time, she felt strong enough to stay awake. She was relieved and happy to see her parents. And Kono. Chin. Danny. Max. She knew these people, even though she had no idea how. Everything seemed blurry right now.

And there was this guy. Catherine recognized him as the guy who never left her side while she was sleeping. She was sure of that. Must be her doctor. He was the first one who reacted. She was startled a bit when he moved closer, leaned in and caressed her forehead. Are doctors supposed to behave like that these days?

“Welcome back. Took you long enough. How are you feeling?”

“A headache, but it’s fine. Thank you, Doctor.”

Catherine could see the change in “the doctor”‘s facial expression. Pain, shock. She couldn’t figure out what she said wrong.

“What did you just call me, Catherine?”, the guy emphasized every single word.

“Aren’t you my doctor?”, Catherine was surprised. She looked around and stopped when she saw her parents. She held out her hands as if she wanted them to come closer.

“Do you recognize everyone here?”, Steve tried to keep calm, but his head felt like it was about to explode. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

She forgot about him.

“My parents. Kono, Danny, Chin, Max. Doris.”

“And you don’t know me?”, Steve raised his voice.

“You’re not my doctor?”, Catherine questioned him back. She had no recollection of this handsome man standing in front of her. He was always by her side, yes, she heard his voice every single day, telling her to wake up, so she just assumed he’s her doctor. Why would he be angry at her like that?

“I’m not your doctor, Catherine. I’m Steve. Steve McGarrett.”

“Steve? If you’re not my doctor, why are you even here? Do we know each other? I’m sure I don’t know you.”

“Catherine, how could you ever say that to me?”, Steve leaned in, looked closely into her eyes, tried to identify a hint of lies in her eyes but found no sign of deception. His heart was being ripped to shreds. He felt hot liquid pooling up at the edge of his eyes.

He couldn’t stand it, he couldn’t control his anger, he couldn’t believe that Catherine actually forgot about him. He didn’t know how to take control of this situation. None of his Navy SEAL training, none of Five-0 case prepared him for this. How was he supposed to react when the love of his life forgot about him?

Steve stood up and left the room. The real doctor came in to check on her when Steve was at the threshold of the room. He heard Catherine calling her parents and asking them who he was, which ripped his heart apart all over again. He couldn’t stand the pain. It was killing him inside, he needed to get out of the room.

When Danny was about to go after Steve, Doris McGarrett stopped him and followed her son.


“Mom, I don’t wanna talk right now.”

”I just want to let you know that I’m here. You can talk to me when you’re ready. I’m not leaving you.”

“Thank you, I really do appreciate it. But I do need some space right now. Alone. Tell my team as well.”

“Okay. I will come back to Catherine’s room then.”

“Doris, don’t bother her! Let her rest!”, Steve turned around when he sensed that Doris was leaving.

“Of course, that’s exactly what I am about to do. I will just wait outside her room.”

Steve looked out of the window. He had prepared for tons of different scenarios when Catherine woke up, most of them with him popping the question to her, but none of them involved Catherine not recognizing him. Steve lost complete track of time, he hadn’t moved and was looking at absolutely nothing for hours. Deep down inside, he freaked out, it felt like even his second chance got screwed up.

“Steve, are you okay?”, David approached Steve from behind, startling him. His heart broke for the younger man in front of him. The young man looked lost and broken. The warrior inside Steve was nowhere to be found, his shoulder sagged, his face riddled with disappointment, and his eyes looked terribly red. David carefully observed Steve, he wished he could tell Steve something to make him feel better.

“I lost my whole world, David. I am not okay. It is not okay”, Steve said with a shake of his head.

“I’m so sorry, son. We’ve just talked to the doctor. She said Catherine was suffering from “motivated forgetting”. It is her defense mechanism – either consciously or unconsciously, the coping techniques Catherine used to reduce anxiety or pain arising from some uncomfortable or painful situations. She might also be experiencing “thought suppression”, which means she’s protecting herself by blocking the recall of all those anxiety-arousing memories. We tried to talk to her and mentioned your name after you left, but she said just thinking about you gave her a headache.”

Steve continued to look up into space and after a long, long silence, he finally swallowed and spoke as he turned away from David.

“You know what, David? I made a deal with God. When she was having surgery in Canada, I prayed to God that as long as he let her survive, he could take anything away from me. Anything. She survived, and I… and he…”, Steve swallowed, struggling to control his voice, “God took her love for me away from me.”

“The doctor said it could be only temporary. You know, it’s hard to say for certain when it comes to brain injury.”

“Your daughter was the best thing ever happened to me. And nothing worked out. Every time I thought we were good, it turned out bad things were heading our ways. And on top of all that, right now, I’m just a stranger to her. She doesn’t even remember me. I kept hoping that she was pretending, but I could see that when I looked into her eyes. I don’t know what to do right now, David.”

“When it comes to my daughter, there were two times you asked me. The first time I gave you two options, whether breaking up with her or taking the official punishment. The second time, when she decided to stay in Afghanistan, I told you my opinion doesn’t matter, but if you ask me, I gave you full permission to move on, and you went behind my back and waited for her anyway.”

“What are you trying to imply, sir?”

“Son, it’s not that I hate you or anything. I love you, I do, but I’ve seen you two throughout your whole relationship. I also happen to know that Catherine sacrificed her own happiness for yours, and went against the CIA to get you to rescue Doris. Everything she’s done only caused her more suffering. Maybe you two are not meant to be, maybe you’re not meant to be my son-in-law. Maybe this is the chance for you both to start another chapter of your life?”, David suggested. It hurt him so much to see two of his favourite people in the whole world suffer in their relationship.

“David, sir, with all due respect, I get what you’re saying, but I’m not planning on giving up on your daughter. I’m not taking the easy way out.”

“Good. But I hate seeing you suffer! I mean it. If you decide to be in this, please take it easy on Catherine. Don’t push her to remember who you are. Let her recover from all of this first. It’s tough on her as well.”

“Yes, sir. I’m not sure how to execute this mission. I… I kinda of overreacted and maybe… I… even scared her.”

“Then start with the baby steps! Consider this a long

-term mission, son.”

“Roger that!”, for the first time in days, Steve was able to muster a soft smile.