(Jan 2017) Taiwanese Street Food Diary

Taiwan is well-known for its great variety of Taiwanese Street Food which you can find in some famous night markets, including Raohe Night Market, Shilin Night Market, Jiufen, Tamsui…. During our 5-day trip to Taiwan in January, we discover this side of Taipei and love it.


First stop: Rao He Night Market


The chef didn’t really speak English but he encouraged us to take a picture of him and did his best to promote his food. The food looks amazing!


Even after trying this, we just can’t make out what exact food it is haha!


This soup actually tastes quite nice, but I figure it tastes better when being hot.


Food stall like this is everywhere in night markets in Taiwan.




This egg is called “iron egg”. It actually isn’t as tough as I imagine it would be lol.

On the second day, we went to Jiufen Old Street and tried out some of the best typical food there. The most famous one would be “Taro ball”. It was $NT45/cup in this size, you can choose either hot or cold version. It was a rainy day, so my friend wanted the hot one. It was actually too sweet for my liking. I personally think Vietnamese soup tastes so much better hehe.



Fresh snails are still kept in shell. They will prepare everything in front of you once you order.



Amazing snails. $100/3 pieces, but the portion was bigger than I thought haha. Win-win, and it tasted amazing. It was one of the food I would like to try again!




The average price for a cup of milk tea in this size is around $50-$60. It’s perfect for sharing between 2 people.

We wanted a big lunch in Jiufen after wandering around, so we decided to go inside this small restaurant. It seems to be famous. They didn’t really speak English but we communicated just fine. We ordered the first thing we saw on the board and it turned out to be some Taiwanese meetball.


This is something I really want to introduce. Peanut ice cream in Jiufen woot. This is definitely my top favourite street food in Taipei, but it seems like it is only available in Jiufen. The wraps are made of ice cream, shaved fresh peanut candy, and cilantro/coriander. The flavour is really unique, interesting and seriously refreshing! Amazeballs!


Peanut ice cream in Jiufen

The second night market we went to was Shilin Night Market. We found this little gem. There wasn’t any long line lining up to wait for the food, but we were too hungry to join any other queue, so we decided to try this one and it tasted really well. It was spicy tobokki with chicken ($100 – 200/cup)



I would vote for this small restaurant to be the best place to eat in Shilin Night Market. The portion was good enough for 2 people to share, they offered free soft drinks and free soup (unlimited) and a free piece of bread. We totally did not see that coming, so we had to double check several times. The only limitation was that the menu was 100% in Chinese, so of course, I couldn’t read it properly. The solution was to look at the banner and play matching-up lol. But hey, we succeeded.





Some organic, healthy and refreshing drink in Tamsui


The food from the food court. It’s more suitable for dinner than street food.




Don’t be fooled!!! They look like real food, don’t they? But they are actually just demonstration hehe ^_^



Stay tuned for other things coming up!!!