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Solo Travelling!? Why not?


Life is full of variables, both good and bad, with tons of ups and downs. Besides, there will be a lot more unknowns than knowns throughout our life. There will be more variables than constants. Life will throw at you heaps of things you didn’t expect. You can encounter a lot more than you ask for when you travel, let alone you are solo travelling.

You will, all of a sudden, find yourself in a situation in which you have a crush on a “stranger” you have absolutely no chance with. Or, you will find yourself so comfortable talking to some strangers you just met when you travel to a totally unfamiliar place in another country. The next thing you know: You can wreck existing friendship, strike up new friendship every single day, in a totally unexpected way. People can never predict what’s gonna happen tomorrow! That’s life!

However, that’s why life itself is just amazing! The important thing is that you’ve gotta find the tiny, meaningful things among tons of things that life throws at you! In a nutshell, treasure the good things and forget the bad things!

This is my little corner to share my solo travelling experience with you all! Solo travelling truly changes my mindset in the way I couldn’t imagine. Each travelling destination I’ve ever been to was unique in its own way and all those valuable and unforgetable experience will always stay in a special place in my heart.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

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